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Warning...Prescription drugs for psoriasis not as EFFECTIVE or as SAFE as Phototherapy!

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Clinical Full Body

Fewer Lamps - Effective/Efficient Design - Shorter Treatment Times - Space Saving and hygienic.

Home Treatments

Call us to learn more about the most hygienic, space saving, and effective home phototherapy systems on the market. Industry best 5 year warranty!


Patented Design - 3 Independent Panels - 14 NB UVB Lamps - Portable & Perfect for Spot Treatments.

The Process

Simplified process for ordering a home phototherapy system! Eliminate your Co-Pay Today!

UVBioTek Physician Endorsements

Dr. Jordan Cummins

Jordan Cummins, M.D., Ph.D. graduated Summa Cum Laude from Princeton University and attained his M.D. and Ph.D. degrees from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

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Dr. Robert L. Buka
Dr. Robert L. Buka

A graduate of the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University in Chicago, Dr. Buka completed an internship in internal medicine at Saint Vincent's Hospital in New York City

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Dr. Stefan C. Weiss
Dr. Stefan C. Weiss

Stefan C. Weiss, MD MHSc FAAD is the Medical Director of the Weiss Skin Institute, a clinical research center and private dermatology practice located in Boca Raton, Florida.

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Dr. Toni Stockton
Dr. Toni Stockton

I enjoy educating patients and other medical professionals about topics in the changing field of dermatology. I will continue to strive to provide quality individualized care for my patients.

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What customers are saying About UVBioTek, LLC

  • DENISE JADEID Testimonial

    I've had psoriasis for over 22 years. What started out as a few small spots became very large areas especially on my lower legs, which the dermatologists always said was the most resistant to treatment. I could no longer wear shorts and I even had a hard time wearing pants long enough to cover these areas while sitting down. My elbows were affected as well as several other areas on my body. Psoriasis takes over your life and makes you feel ugly. Most people don't understand what it is and that it's not contagious. It has been a long road to finding a treatment that finally worked for me without the dangerous side effects of the drugs the doctors put me on. The biologics, MTX injections, topicals, oral medications and even the Xtrac therapy failed to help me over time. I was determined not to go back on methotrexate or any other biologics.

    I researched home use UVB light treatments and found UVBiotek as the most desirable. I called right away and the representatives were so helpful in assisting me through the process of getting one of their home phototherapy booths. I was recommended the Single panel 100b which has been perfect for my use. My PA was hesitant at first to prescribe the at home treatment, but was open minded enough to research the product, respect the doctors who endorse the company and give me the opportunity to follow my judgement. First of all, I was thrilled that I no longer had to make several trips to the doctor's office, secondly there were no more high co-pays and thirdly, I loved the freedom of being able to undress and use this system in the privacy of my own home! I was so amazed when I started to see my skin clearing within the first 2 weeks! I began my first treatment on December 23, 2015 and when I went to see my dermatologist on February 29, 2016, just 2 months later I was 70% clear! He was amazed as well. Now, after 2 more months, I am 98% clear with just a few little spots that are hardly noticeable. I return to see my doctor next week and I know he will be very pleased. I'm happy to say that I wear my shorts and short sleeve tops!

    My heartfelt thanks go out to this remarkable company, UVBiotek! You have provided me with a wonderful treatment that really works and you've given me my life back! I am trying my best to help other psoriasis sufferers find their way to you. I have begun a new forum on Team Inspire, "Phototherapy works!" in hopes of letting people know that there are much healthier solutions to combating this skin disease.

    Sincere gratitude,

  • Barry Patient Testimonial - UVBioTek, LLC

    I've had psoriasis for over 30 years. It started out as one tiny spot, increasing with time to large, scaly, itching lesions. I tried all sorts of topical treatments, laser treatments, and oral meds. The last oral med I took was methotrexate, which was supposed to “regulate” my immune system. After taking it for four weeks I found myself in intensive care for three days in a Nashville Hospital with kidney failure. It was a life and death situation and I thank God for bringing me through it.

    I investigated NB UVB light therapy online. Like most psoriasis sufferers, I’d noticed I got better when I could spend some time in the sun. Comparing the various companies had to offer, UVBioTek appeared to have the better product and I was very pleased with the personal attention their representative paid to my questions and concerns.

    I purchased the stand up 3D Multidirectional system. It sounds hard to believe but I noticed a small improvement after that first session. In these past three months I've watched as the edges of every lesion turned from angry red to a healthy pink, shrinking in size. Some of the smallest ones are barely noticeable now and my largest, oldest ones are much, much better. It’s a great relief knowing I have an answer to this long standing problem! I am very happy with my unit, the great folks at UVBioTek and my fantastic results!

  • Don Patient Testimonial - UVBioTek, LLC

    It’s hard enough finding a Dermatologist that offers phototherapy for psoriasis these days, but living in rural Montana it’s almost impossible! After years of suffering and trying all the lotions, potions, and prescription drugs, I’d had it and decided to drive 110 miles to the nearest clinic that had a system. That’s one way mind you, and in bad weather with gas prices rising, it was beyond inconvenient. Although it worked great with no side-effects, the travel, time and Co-Pays for each visit made me think there had to be a better way. My doctor told me about UVBioTek and their home systems. The process was easy and today I am the proud owner of a safe and effective system that will last a lifetime. My condition has improved greatly and I thank the good folks at UVBioTek!

  • Diana Patient Testimonial - UVBioTek, LLC

    I have had my UVBioTek machine for three weeks now and I love it!

    Before purchasing my own machine, I had been making trips to the dermatologist 2-3 times a week for treatments. The only thing I miss about that routine is not seeing the nurses and other staff there. We had become good friends.

    Now, I love the convenience of being able to do my treatments in the comfort of my own home, without having to arrange my life around appointments.

    Thank you UVBioTek for providing the option of owning my very own machine and for simplifying my life!!!

  • Rhonda Patient Testimonial - UVBioTek, LLC

    First, I have to say that the company was so responsive, kind and sympathetic. They patiently talked me through what I needed to do and spent so much time on the phone with me. It was so refreshing and gave me so much hope after 18 months of suffering from severe psoriasis and not knowing what to do.

    Because I refused to go on the biologic medications, I spent many months changing diets, getting allergy tests, trying supplements, and many other things with very little change. After using the nb uvb light system from UVBiotek for a few weeks, the change was drastic. The pictures show just my legs (which were the worst) after 10 weeks, but I noticed major changes after just 3 weeks. It’s amazing and has literally changed my life.

    These guys are good people that want to help. And they have a product that seriously works!