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Full-Body Systems

UVBioTek offers a complete line of the highest quality UV phototherapy systems for clinics and offices around the world.

UVBioTek created and developed the folding phototherapy system over 15 years ago and was awarded with a design patent for it. Our folding system design not only allows you to offer phototherapy to your patients, but without dedicating an exam room specifically for phototherapy. Folded up to the wall, it looks like a cabinet or closet. The double-hinged design permits all four light panels to be positioned optimally to fit every patient’s individual body size & shape.

Full Body Clinical Phototherapy System

Full Body Open and Closed - UVBioTek, LLC

Clinical System with Callouts - UVBioTek, LLCWhile knock-off systems based on our patented design are available, none of them are as sturdy, durable and attractive as an original UVBioTek system. With a full five year warranty on all parts & labor (excluding the lamps*) and a lifetime warranty on the system chassis, you simply cannot find a better phototherapy system at any price.

*We do guarantee that you will receive the number of working lamps you ordered; beyond that, lamps must be treated as wear & tear items as they will eventually require replacement.

UVBioTek’s patented adjustable design folds flat to the wall when not in use. With a depth of only 8” when closed, the unit is compact, efficient and maintains a discreet presence in your office. This results in faster turnover and maximum flexibility while having minimal impact on the office or medical facility infrastructure.

Exclusive Remote Data Control Module

Clinical System Remote - UVBioTek, LLCThe exclusive remote data control module enables complete control of all phototherapy functions from a location that is convenient for you and your staff.

Safe – Hygienic – Effective

Our Acrylic Safety-Shields™ cover the NB UVB lamps and prevents curious hands from touching them, as well as debris from accumulating on the lamps. This patented design is unlike the many other phototherapy models on the market today that cover the lamps with an ‘open wires”…

Acrylic Reflectors - UVBioTek, LLC

Not only do the Safety Shields protect your patient, but protect the lamps from creating an odor when turned on from the floating dust, dandor, hair or skin cells. Insist on UVBioTek™ – the safest and most reliable phototherapy systems.

Distance is critical with UVB rays

Overhead View - UVBioTek, LLCFor every inch between the body and the lamps, there is a significant decrease in UV light effectiveness. In fact, light meter testing shows a decrease in UVB output of 50% or more after just six to seven inches of travel. A dramatic 70% drop occurs at just ten inches away.

Optimal Zone Chart - UVBioTek, LLC

Joules-based treatments are problematic and are difficult to accurately determine with stationary, round, hexagon and square phototherapy systems. For instance, if the patient’s shoulders are four inches from the lamps, the front and back are 8 inches and the legs are 12 inches or more away from the lamps, how do you set Joules accurately for the front, back and legs without over exposing the shoulders and/or sides of the body?

The answer is simple. You need to be able to adjust the UV panels, providing equal distance to the patient’s body, regardless of their size. The answer is the UVBioTek™ System.

Choice of Door Lamination Colors

Prefer an attractive wood grain? White laminate? These attractive units feature door panels that are available in wood grains and white.

Door Colors - UVBioTek, LLC

Provides you with more treatment options

UVBioTek™ systems provide you with a range of options tailored to the individual needs of your practice:

Model Lamps Body
Dimensions (DxWxH) Circuit
3200B NB 32 NB UVB 3 4 8″x50″x92″ 120/240v
40 amp
500 lbs
2 boxes
400 lbs
2400B NB 24 NB UVB 3 4 8″x50″x92″ 120/240v
30 amp
500 lbs
2 boxes
380 lbs

UVBioTek™ Offers a Great Guarantee

We are so confident in our product, the UVBioTek™ assurance is the best in the industry! It includes a 5-year parts and labor warranty (2 years on lamps).

UVBioTek™ is dedicated to partnering with professionals who are committed to providing their patients with the safest, most effective treatment available. For more information on how a UVBioTek™ phototherapy system can help you, please call us at 1-800-882-4683.