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Home Therapy

Bobby Buka, MD, JD – “UVBiotek has been a tremendous partner for our young practice. Representatives are consistently responsive, knowledgeable, and really helped us from Day 1 build a phototherapy program for the office. As for the equipment itself-it’s unobtrusive, fits easily on an exam room wall, apartment or home! I haven’t had a single service call for over 5 years. My colleagues tell me that’s just unheard of! Thank you for helping us care for our patients.” – Dr. Buka, NYC

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Why Phototherapy at Home

With years of evidence, clinical trials and recommended by leading Dermatologists, treating psoriasis, eczema, or vitiligo with “Narrow Band” UVB Phototherapy has been proven to be safe and effective! Check out our patient brochure to learn more!

Achieving “Clearance” through this non-drug alternative – in the comfort and convenience of your home, eliminates ever-increasing insurance co-pays for visits to the clinic! The burdens of travel and time to weekly doctors appointments is immediately alleviated by purchasing a UVBioTek home system…

The Process: Purchasing Home Phototherapy

The healthcare landscape has been difficult to navigate for years, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any easier.  As doctor visit co-pays continue to rise, and the cost of just about everything going up, (including insurance premiums), one way to save time and money is to treat your chronic skin condition at home with a UVBioTek phototherapy system…

The “Process” is not as difficult as it may appear, yet there are some misconceptions and misinformation regarding this “Prescription” for a home system.  From the required “Forms” needed from the physician and patient, to questions regarding insurance, UVBioTek will assist in clearing up the process.

First and foremost, every patient must have a “Prescription” from a physician!  No exceptions as this is a “Class II Medical Device”, so it requires an MD’s signature.  UVBioTek offers 4 model designs with multiple lamp options (4-16), and a specific model must be selected by the physician on the prescription form.  We also request that a physician uses our prescription form, available on the home page @ www.uvbiotek.com under “Home Phototherapy Forms“…

Only one other form is necessary from the physician to initiate the “Process” of owning  a home phototherapy system.  The “Suggested Treatment” routine, also available on our homepage.  Once these 2 forms are signed the patient (Not the doctor’s office), should then contact UVBioTek!  This is the step in the process often misinterpreted, as the patient may be confused as to who is in charge of this potential purchase.

The last form we need comes from the patient, the HIPAA Signature Release.  Please send all 3 forms to (fax) 518-747-2294 or email to – info@uvbiotek.com

Owning a UVBioTek home phototherapy will eliminate co-pays, time and travel to the doctor’s office today!  As to the question regarding “Insurance” here’s an article detailing the realities today and how misinformation as well as misunderstanding can cause much frustration – Shedding Light on Insurance Benefits.

Purchasing a Home System – Do the Math:

  • Monthly costs for clinical treatments = Co-Pay $35 (national average) x 2 per week/8 per month = $280 + gas/travel + time (?) = $100-$200 or more!
  • Monthly costs for home treatments = No Co-Pay – No travel – No need to schedule treatments = $200 -$350 average 12 mos interest free UVBioTek installment plan…

In Summary – The home phototherapy “Process”

  • Prescription signed and by a physician – use the UVBioTek form!
  • Suggested Treatment from the physician – take BOTH home with you!
  • Contact UVBioTek @ 800-882-4683 and have a completed HIPAA release form signed
  • Send all 3 forms to UVBioTek – Email (alennox@uvbiotek.com) – Fax (518-747-2294)
  • UVBioTek will then provide an official Home Phototherapy system quotation with prices/terms & conditions.
  • Make the decision to take ownership managing your skin disease and purchase a home phototherapy system!

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Features & Benefits

UVBioTek has many patented design features providing an array of benefits. eliminate your co-pay today, and treat your skin condition from the convenience of your home…

  • Steel construction to last a lifetime
  • Acrylic safety shields – protects patient from the lamps – lamps from debris accumulating in the system
  • Patented folding design – minimizes space/treatment times – enhances efficacy
  • Simple digital timer – solid state engineering – full 5 year warranty – 2 for lamps
  • Safe – Effective – Affordable – Hygienic


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