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Prescribing Home Phototherapy Simplified

With the ever-increasing cost of insurance premiums, sky rocketing “Co-Pays” as well as the inconvenience of weekly visits to the Dermatologist, prescribing home phototherapy is on the rise and it makes sense!

UVBioTek has simplified the process for Patients and Physicians, in an attempt to maintain a “Continuum of Care” in our “Outcome Based” evolving healthcare system.  Hopefully we can “Clear Up” some of the misinformation and confusion over this valued treatment option for treating Psoriasis, Eczema, and Vitiligo, in the comfort and controlled home environment.

Similar to writing a “script” for a medication, then sending the patient off to the pharmacy, purchasing a Home Phototherapy system requires some of the same steps…

1.  Doctors written Prescription : use UVBioTek form –  physician signs!

2.  Suggested Treatment form  : physician signs – patient takes forms and contact UVBioTek @ 800-882-4683

3.  Patient signs HIPPA form  : sends all 3 forms to UVBioTek – an official system “Quote” form is then supplied to the patient.  

Many patients are misinformed by either the clinic or the insurance company proclaiming that a home phototherapy system “is covered” the same as the treatments in the doctor’s office.  DME (Durable Medical Equipment) policies and what they actually “cover” can vary from patient to patient, plan to plan.  Many plans my “cover” the patient but what they agree to pay the manufacturer often fails to cover production and shipping costs!  Yet the good news is that UVBioTek home phototherapy can eliminate co-pays, time and travel to the doctor’s office with affordable interest Free payment plans!

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