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Referral Program

A new way to support your Patients!

More and more patients are interested in home based phototherapy. Yet some of your patients may not be able to afford this approach due to personal financial situations or the lack of co-insurance for durable medical equipment.

To help some of your patients access the home based treatment approach, we are introducing a new “Referral Recognition Program” (RRP). This program will provide your practice with the opportunity to assist deserving patients acquire UVBioTek home phototherapy systems using credits earned from your patient referrals. For each patient referral we received from you, you will earn 100 credits. If the patient purchases any UVBioTek home therapy system you will receive the following additional credits:

  • Mobile-Lite = 220 credits
  • 40 B nb = 260 credits
  • Multi-Directional = 400 credits
  • 1600 B nb = 550 credits
Your credits will accumulate in your RRP account. You can redeem your credits by allocating all or some of your credits (minimum (1000) to a deserving patient who would otherwise not be able to purchase a system through their own means. The patient will have 30 days to contact us and use the credits towards the purchase of a home therapy system. Below are the systems and credit values that will be available for this program.


  • Mobile Lite: 3000 credits
  • 40B nb: 3500 credits
  • Multi-Directional: 5000 credits
  • 1600 B nb: 6500 credits

To sign up for the new RRP, please contact Barb Hewitt ( or 800-882-4683. Your account will set-up and you can start immediately to earn redeemable credits for your patients. If you have already sent referrals in 2015, we will credit your account with the appropriate value. You will receive a RRP credit status report every 3 months beginning in July 2015

Our goal is helping as many of your patients as possible to receive the benefits of home phototherapy when you believe that it is an appropriate treatment option. So, register as soon as possible and start earning your credits.

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