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Why Phototherapy

UVBioTek – Discover the Difference

We manufacture the most innovative phototherapy light equipment in the industry, with a primary focus on narrowband UVB phototherapy (nbUVB) systems for both home medical and clinical use. Our mission is to aid physicians and patients in the treatment of psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema and similar UV responsive conditions.

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Proven results

Prescribing Phototherapy for Psoriasis, Eczema, or Vitiligo has been proven to be Safe and Effective.  Clearance is usually evident after just four to eight weeks of treatments.

High Efficacy with Virtually No Side Effects

Narrowband light treatment is effective in 80% or more of all cases, with virtually no side effects, compared to a 45% to 60% rate for biological drugs (with potentially severe side effects).

Convenient and Comfortable

Phototherapy, or light treatment, is a non-invasive medical treatment, which patients can take at their doctor’s office or in their their own home if the physician determines that the patient qualifies for home treatments and prescribes a home treatment system for the patient.

Cost Effective

Average annual phototherapy costs for in office patient phototherapy treatments range from $3,083 to $7,288 a year, while biologic treatments range from $18,284 to $27,577 annually.

The only patented units that fold flat against the wall

UVBioTek™ units are the only systems that fold flat against the wall when not in use, and still allow fully adjustable lamp positioning.

The Patented Versa-Lite and Mobile-Lite are one of a kind

Designed to treat partial body parts, the Patented Versa-Lite offers clinics multiple options with 3 independent panels.  Safely treat any body part without wasting lamp life or time.

Not much larger than a brief case, it is designed for treating hands and feet as well as localized areas of the patient’s body, providing over three feet of UVB treatment coverage. The Mobile-Lite™ can be used on a tabletop for hands treatment and localized body treatment or on the floor for feet treatment. The Mobile-Lite™ is also available with an optional cart which will accommodate two systems.

The only patented units to fold flat against the wall

When not in use, our full-body systems fold away flat while allowing for fully adjustable lamp positioning.

Distance is critical with Phototherapy

Overhead View - UVBioTek, LLCWhen treating psoriasis or other medical skin conditions such as psoriasis, vitiligo or eczema, note that for every inch between the body and the phototherapy light therapy lamps, there is a significant decrease in UV light effectiveness. Testing shows a decrease in UVB output of 50% or more after just six to seven inches of travel. A dramatic 70% drop occurs at just ten inches away.

Our competitors’ light therapy or phototherapy devices, designed in the 1960’s yet still sold today, are bulky, refrigerator-like and stationary. They are inflexible and created to accommodate the largest bodies. They require an excessive number of lamps to offset the distance discrepancy (or light dissipation) for smaller bodies, and the majority of users may be standing at or beyond the ten inch mark – which means the treatment, despite the extra lamps, is only 30% effective.

Optimal Zone Chart - UVBioTek, LLC

Ours by comparison are designed to fold around all body sizes, with a distance from the lamps of as little as two inches. This allows for maximum phototherapy effectiveness in psoriasis treatment, as well as vitiligo, eczema and similar conditions. It also requires far less space than the outdated booths, especially since the unit folds against the wall. In terms of energy saving, tests show that superior light output is achieved in our systems with up to 30% fewer lamps. That means a huge savings on electricity and re-lamping costs.

Phototherapy systems from UVBioTek™ should be an important part of your practice because:

  • They represent a new & additional revenue source
  • They increase your ability to attract new patients
  • They prevent your current patients from leaving for physicians who do offer phototherapy
  • They show your patients and the community that your practice is up to date with full-service treatments
  • They provide a time-tested treatment option with virtually no side effects
  • They are considered safe enough for pregnant women and children
  • They provide systems for home use that permit physician-controlled home phototherapy to ensure regular follow-up examinations

Maximize Room Efficiency

Phototherapy Unit Doors Shut - UVBioTek, LLC

Folds flat to the wall when not in use and opens easily for a full-body treatment when needed.

Space saving design allows you to multitask your existing examination rooms.

Choose from several door colors available to compliment any room

Lamp-cooling technology, solid-state electronics, an exclusive timer system and many other UV technologies

These features, when combined, provide unsurpassed treatments with exceptional results.

Form follows function

There is much more to our adjustable design than the superior treatment it delivers. Our patented space-saving design is clearly the logical choice. The UVBioTek™ clinical system offers outstanding performance greater than outdated booths, yet requires far less space. In fact, UV light meter tests show that superior UVB output is achieved in UVBioTek™ systems with up to 30% fewer lamps. That means a huge savings on electricity and relamping costs.

A brighter idea…

We created a phototherapy system that allows the UV panels to be positioned closer to the patient’s body, regardless of their size. You can move the
panels closer for petite sizes and wider for the extra large. This system also generates a more intense light using fewer lamps. It also solves the ever-present problem with UVB light dissipation over any distance.

The UVBioTek™ phototherapy system was created with the help of a leading US dermatologist. It was considered to be so important when compared to existing technology, that our revolutionary design was awarded a US patent!  Discover the Difference and contact us today @ 800-882-4683